Beraplant investigates, develops and produces new mono and combination preparations from plants as well as that from parts of the plants.

In addition to the scientific and management know-how Beraplant holds a contractual agreement with its cooperative network comprising of traditional, modern medicals and universities professionals.

Hep-5 stimulates liver functions and helps as liver-restorative in deterioating conditions caused by hepatites B, cirrhosis and jaundice (reduces SGPT, SGOT and bilirubin levels, increase bite flow, improves kuptter cell function and builds immunity, reverses hepatic cell damage).

Additonally, the plants drugs have been identified against inflammatory and civilisations diseases, e.g. rheumatic arthritis, allergic rhinitis, metabolic syndrome (hypercholesterolemia, diabetes type II). The researched plants drugs have an enormous therapeutic potential for the above diseases and are a significant resource for the development of new medicines.

The market and the sale prognosis of the natural drugs are highly promising due to the customers increasing demand for the plants drugs. Additional cause for this account the soaring up development costs of the synthetic medicines as well as the consumers increasing critical observations about the synthetic medicines.

BeraPlant integrates knowledge of the medicinal history and the decades old experiences as well as the apprehends knowledge obtained from the clinically and practically approved plants drugs. These products turn out to be specific resources for the development of new therapeutics with strategic partners from pharmaceutical industry.

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